Our Routine

A typical day

9:15 Welcome: Greetings, Breakfast, & Outdoor Play (language, social skills, large motor skills, outdoor manipulatives, nature exploration). Snow or shine, we go outside! We switch to indoor play if there is heavy rain or high pollution levels https://air.utah.gov/ following Utah Department of Health advice https://health.utah.gov/asthma/pdfs/airquality/recessguidance.pdf   

10 Lesson Time: Kinder. Prep. & French: learning about letter names & sounds, blending letter sounds together, numbers, counting, early math, shapes, colors, writing dexterity, expanding French vocabulary—through song, dance, art, chants, stories, activities, and games 

10:30 Indoor Play & Explorelanguage, social skills, fine motor skills, indoor manipulatives, dramatic play, Science & math play, building, creating

During indoor play & exploration we engage the students in many enriching activities, such as:

Teacher-student one-on-ones: To ensure every student is progressing and being challenged & treasure box rewards (and early reading practice for those who are ready) 

Who’s here? What’s today? Building French vocab. & awareness of self and others with our "Who’s here?" magnet board. 

Wiggle Songs: Songs & chants to build French vocab. and awareness of body, spatial, self, others. 

Dramatic Play:
A cat, princess, knight, cook, scientist, what are you today? Costumes and props help us play pretend and use our imaginations. 

Science & Math Play:
Counting owls, magnifying glasses, dinosaurs, magnet tiles—let’s explore our many questions about the world! 

Books, books, books:
We encourage and foster love of books and have them accessible to the kids all through explore time. 

We have blocks & building materials of all sorts-foam blocks, grip blocks, trios, linking straws, dominoes, duplos, legos, and train sets. All these manipulatives are conducive to practicing counting, colors, and shapes. 

More creative manipulatives:
We encourage imagination and vocabulary learning with many fun educational materials such as potato heads, cootie bugs, shape tiles, toy cars, toy homes & figurines, farm & zoo animal figurines, and much more! 

10:45 French Immersion: Immersion starts—teachers put on their magic French bracelets to signify it’s time! 

11:15 Lunch Time (building vocabulary-needs, foods, colors)  

11:30 Story Time

11:45 Outdoor Play

12:15 1st pickup

Extended time

12:15 rest time/stories & music

12:35 play time

1:15 snack

1:30 2nd pick up

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