About Us

We are all about . . . 

Learning through play!  

We sing, dance, move, create art, work with  manipulatives, puppets, stories, games, and imagination, all to optimize our little explorers' skills development, confidence, and love of learning. 

Keeping a fun-filled, well-balanced routine!

Time outdoors!

Snow or shine, we go outside every day in our fenced play area (barring high pollution or extreme cold).  We play in sand, on grass, on our climbers, with bubbles, balls, and mini riders.  Time to dig, run, climb, explore!  

Kind and caring teachers!

We provide a nurturing atmosphere to gently transition from home to school!  We promote confidence by encouraging children to explore, make mistakes, and praising their success. 


Quality methods
Our programs were developed using research-based, tried-and-true teaching methods and materials influenced by the Utah State Core Standards of Early Learning, the French Ministry of Education, Montessori, and Nature Explore. 

Learning & Growing

We build skills in literacy, writing dexterity, math, shapes, colors, problem-solving, Science reasoning, creativity and art, music, friendship, sharing, and many others!  

Looking out for every child

We want to make sure every child is getting what they need!  We have periodic one-on-ones to play review games.  This allows us to track your child's progress and make sure they are being adequately challenged. 

Building those language learning muscles!

Our curriculum centers on building the children's language-learning skills, promoting confidence in their abilities, and building vocabulary.  Our goal is to start a journey to a solid second language base. 

For those already fluent, we reinforce and build upon their existing language base. 

We strive to make language learning fun!  We learn through play with song, movement, games, stories, target words activities, song and manipulatives.  

As children master vocabulary and sentence structure, we build upon that language base to gain further vocabulary and to explore more complex sentence structures.  Each year, we build upon the language skills each child has gained the year before.  

Immersion time

Full French immersion begins half way through the day and ends a few minutes before pick up.  This means the instructor only speaks the target language during this time, unless a child has a need requiring English.  Research shows that immersion can be incredibly beneficial to children's growth.  The children know it is time because the teachers wear a special bracelet.  


We believe children should be cherished and protected!  We are Utah Business and Child Care Licensed.  All personnel are background checked, fingerprinted, and participate in annual training.  Personnel with CPR/First Aid certification is always present. There are at least two teachers present each day. We undergo periodic inspections by the Fire Department and passed inspection by the Health Department.  We have a security system. Safety is our number one priority!


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